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Crazy Woman

Sissel Robertson has a unique business that rents kayaks from two different (very different) locations.  You can rent from her Fort Myers Beach, Florida, location year round and from her Thompson Falls, Montana, location from June through early October.

On a recent road trip, my college buddies and I stopped in Thompson Falls and wandered over to her kayak stand.  There was a sign stating that if she wasn't immediately available, she was in the area somewhere and would find us and assist us soon.  We had no intention of renting kayaks so we felt a bit guilty when she wandered down the street after just a couple of minutes.

Here's a link to Sissel's website:

She didn't seem fazed by the fact that we weren't potential customers and was very friendly to our bunch.  I caught her accent and asked if she was German, "No", she informed me, "she was Norwegian".  One of my cohorts asked how long she had been here and she replied, "Just a couple of minutes".  Ah, a smartass!  That fit right into our playbook and we continued a lovely conversation with the "Crazy Lady".

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