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Kevin and Kevin Michael.

Both are in the education business now.  Kevin is a principal at a school in California and Kevin Michael is a school counselor in East Helena.  They have known each other since before either of them could climb stairs.  Also, the two Kevins are both young fathers.  They rarely get a chance to go fly fishing, a passion they share.

This summer, the stars were aligned one day when Kevin was in town.  Kevin Michael arranged for a fishing trip on some private land near Elliston, Montana.  The stream is tiny.  You can jump across it in many places, but there are some deep pools and undercut banks.  Oh, and the landowner doesn't allow anyone to fish this little brook except for his family and a few special friends.  Consequently, the trout attack your fly without hesitation.  They don't don't give a hoot about presentation or a little drag from the fly line.  It doesn't take long for them to destroy your feathery imitation.  This brown in the photo was anxious to get a portrait taken with Kevin.

So, I'm sure a lot of folks would like to know the name of this landowner.  To help you out in your search I've decided to bury a bottle with his name at our huckleberry picking spot.  See my earlier posts for directions to that spot.

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