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Protect yourself.

If you've ever used a chainsaw, you know that they can be a nasty tool to use.  They make a considerable amount of noise, so it is best to wear ear protection.  They frequently launch chunks of wood back towards the operator.  This flying shrapnel necessitates the wearing of gloves and eye protection.  Let's not forget the fumes that are produced when the gas/oil mixture is burning just below your nose.  I'm sure that OSHA would not condone that stuff filling your lungs if this were a workplace situation.

Hey, there's a sharp chain rotating in a continuous motion just inches from your body.   One little slip and you could easily lose a toe, a foot or put a serious gash in your leg.  Heavy duty work boots can offer some shielding in this area.  Of course the little 2-stroke engine produces a lot of heat and that means unprotected skin may get scorched if it touches the wrong part of the saw.  And finally, there is always a chance that the chain will come off of the bar or break and then you have the possibility of a getting whacked by a high speed metal whip.  Bottom line - chainsaws can be a nasty tool to use.

We've spent the last few nights watching the Perseid meteor shower.  One of the heavenly treats that entertain us during August.  Even though the best two nights for viewing shooting stars have just passed, tonight is a new moon.  Very dark.  No moonshine.  Good for watching the heavens.

Great for nocturnal chainsaw operators too.  Now where is my hockey mask?

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